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Sell Hays

Published May 31, 2020

Whats Sell Hays?

Sell Hays was a website that showed local garage sale listings in our local area. It featured socials logins for users to post their garage sales with images, maps, and scheduling.

Why isn't it a website now?

Unfortunately, this idea along with others, I never did any sort of validation. I just started coding first thing and never looked back. After doing some research, it lost steam. The site never went live, but I did spend a decent amount of time developing this site and you can check out the code above!

What is it built with?

I built this site as a Single Page Application and a cloud provided database

Vue.js is a javascript framework similar to React, with a much simpler API in my opinion. Google Firebase was used for storing user submitted data, images, and social authentication with Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

What did it all do?

A lot of functionality was packed into this project.

What would have I done differently?

From a business aspect side, I would have done the validation piece early on. I would have created a simple landing page with a email signup, and threw a few dollars at it to promote and see if people in our area would sign up.

Technically, I would have chose to build this using a server side rendered stack for SEO benefits. SPA's just don't have the SEO benefits without doing some clunky pre-rendering. Its possible, but the simplicity of using a SSR would have been my new choice.