My Work




Hi, I'm Garrett Bland

I'm a full stack web developer specializing in PHP and enjoy designing for the modern web.

Garrett Bland and wife, Michelle Bland

Tools that I use and love

Clean, reusable code

I take pride in developing applications that are readable and are easy to maintain and scale.

Browser code
Browser code

Modern, crisp designs

I develop applications that feel clean and modern. I enjoy building applications that are easy to use.

A little about me

Hey! This is Garrett, here are a few things about me. I grew up on a farm and raised cows, chickens, pigs, goats (for a short amount of time), and we actually had a donkey also named Treddles. Treddles was great.

I went to college at Barton Community College and earned my degree in computer networking. I played golf while I was there and won state golf in highschool with a score of 71. (Par was 71)

I got married October 1, 2016 to my wondeful wife who gets to hear me yelling in frusteration at my computer often. 😊

I am currently a Web Developer & Strategist for Eagle Communications. I work in Hays, Kansas and develop and maintain websites and applications for internal use and client based.